dismembering myself

I was never quite sure if Jesus meant that we should literally dismember ourselves, but the contrast he drew was both radical and graphic. 

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REPOST: Give us a King

“Give us a conservative because they will free us to prosper!”

“Give us a liberal because they will regulate the unfairness and give all an equal shot.”

“Give us a moderate to reach across the isle and bring both sides together.”

People have always looked to a person, or persons to solve our problems.  How’s that working for us?

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Amber forever changed my view of this song


The first time I heard Amber perform this song was November 2014.  Oceans is a song I try to avoid because it was one of the songs I used to support my crushed spirit through an extremely difficult time in my life.

But last Sunday, Amber provided a brief monologue; a set-up that brought great healing to my wounded soul, and allowed me the freedom to see the song in a different light.

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Your sins are forgiven?

Probably not what his friends were hoping to hear, but Jesus told the man exactly what he needed to hear.
In a Christian world that rightly teaches love, tolerance, and acceptance for all,  there are still times in which we must go to the actual source of a person’s dilemma.  We must love them enough to deal with their sin.

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Still Until

“Be still and know that I am God.”

Verses like Psalm 46:10 leave me in wonder. Asking me to “be still” is like asking a 2 year old not to explore.  But recently I connected the 2 imperatives and I am finally beginning to understand what it means to be still….and why.

I tend to think of being still “until” something else comes along.  What I am learning now is that I really need to be still – even if there is no “until.”

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Come to me

Here’s a song that helped carry me through a very dark time in my life.  It’s biblically sound and inspirational.  In the best of times, or the deepest seasons of despair, the truth in this song is a great reminder that we are to keep our eyes and hearts fixed on Jesus.

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It’s a Wonderful Life

Christmas is better for me this year than the last couple have been.  Here’s why.

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The “Why Factor” part 2

Our appetite, AKA our desire, that is…our hunger.

Our appetite for a thing is what drives us.  Our appetite is the “what behind our why.” Good or bad, to control our appetite is to control the direction of our lives.

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The “WHY” factor

WHY do I go to work each day?  Why do I sacrifice for these children? Why an education?  Why do I eat right? Why do I run?  Answering the question of “why” gives purpose to everything we do.

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Saving Money

The shoes pictured are worn out – I mean holes in the bottom worn out.  I began to wonder if I should have them resoled or just buy new. Do I even need new shoes?  That decision led Regina and I to develop a filter for all spending/savings.  

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