Amber forever changed my view of this song

Amber forever changed my  view of this song


The first time I heard Amber perform this song was November 2014.  Oceans is a song I try to avoid because it was one of the songs I used to support my crushed spirit through an extremely difficult time in my life.

But last Sunday, Amber provided a brief monologue; a set-up that brought great healing to my wounded soul, and allowed me the freedom to see the song in a different light.

The first time I heard Amber perform the song, I went home and wrote a post titled, “I cried oceans.”  I linked to it HERE.  The song brought so many emotions to my heart and mind that it left me clinging to family and crying uncontrollably.

This past Sunday, I was stricken with panic when I heard Amber announce that she was going to sing the song.  I turned to Regina and said, “I can’t do this.”  I don’t recall how my wife responded but she always knows what I need to hear.  And I was surrounded by family. Kayla was just to my right and she is always good to lean on.  She loves her daddy.

But just prior to singing it this time, Amber said that she has had the opportunity to sing this song in both weddings and funerals.  And I’m sure I am doing a horrible job of recalling her exact words, but I know what I heard. She said that, ‘keeping focused on Jesus doesn’t have to be reserved for the most horrific of life’s occurrences.’  She added that, ‘Even in times of great joy uncertainty can cause us to fear and lose hope.’

Lest I do any more damage to her well articulated, genuinely heartfelt expression toward the song’s message and purpose, I’ll stop. Something lifted off of me right there and then.  The anxiety began to leave me as I carefully pondered the words to the song.

Healing took place last week during that song.  I am free and once again able to enjoy the song.  I realized that God wanted to take me to a new place and wanted me to keep my eyes on Him.  I sobbed a bit and a few happy tears flowed.  I grabbed Kayla, hugged and kissed her cheek.  I knew that somehow I was about to put the past behind me and was going to move forward.

“He has sent Me to heal the brokenhearted”
Luke 4:18 NKJV

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