Humility 3

Humility is all about losing control…or at least submitting control.

A long time ago in a garden far far away…

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More on Humility

The Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius hired a servant to walk behind him as he made his way through the Roman town square. The servant’s only job was to whisper in his ear when people praised him, “You’re only a man. You’re only a man.”

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The Key to Humility

What comes to your mind when you think about a person being humble?

Do you think about someone who is quiet and unassuming?  Or maybe they don’t show off or bring their accomplishments to the forefront.

What exactly does it mean to be humble and what was it about me that I couldn’t see?

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iRemember II

My 91 year old father-in-law tells the same stories about his life over and over again. Some of his memories are quite fond while some are not.

Retelling the stories is his way of reliving those memories and keeping them alive.

Can we trust our memory?  

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The holiday season brings back some of the best memories of my childhood.  I love to tell and to relive each moment so that I can enjoy them again….and again

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Death by a thousand cuts

Relationships can end as the result of a sudden, and significant event such as illness, economical collapse, or infidelity. More often relationships die a slow, and agonizing death that I refer to as,

“Death by a thousand cuts.”

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There’s still hope for Doug

Legacy is very important to me.  I want to leave something for my children (both natural and spiritual), to build upon.
Within the last 3 years or so I gave up on the idea of having much of a positive influence on their future. But maybe there’s still time…maybe there’s still hope.

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When Regina lost it all

Today is June 28, 2016 AKA Regina’s 55th birthday.  To honor my wife of 32 years, I’d like you to join us as we celebrate this day as well as being cancer free for 17 years.

In 1998, my wife Regina contracted cancer. To be honest,  I have often wondered why…or even why her?
The short answer: I don’t know

But here’s what I do know. What Regina said to me last week shows me a lot about her understanding of how find everything when you’ve lost it all.

Ps I posted a few of her tats because she likes them…and so do I

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when all is lost all is found

We’ve all had to suffer great loss of job, relationship, dignity, and or course money.

As one who has lost everything more than once, I can attest that

“when all is lost all is found”

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ooops…I did it again

Not too long ago, I wrote a post entitled,

I’m fat and unhealthy…again.

Although It’s been on my mind to do something about my health, I’ve basically just kept putting it off.

That is until today.

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