Humility 3

Humility 3

Humility is all about losing control…or at least submitting control.

A long time ago in a garden far far away…

Adam was offered complete control of the Garden just as long as he obeyed one rule.

Not a complete system of philosophical or religious ethics.

Not 10 commandments.

One rule.

One law.

One constant, over-arching reminder of the order of the universe.

And that was the problem.

This one rule was representative of an overseeing God who was not only the Supreme Ruler of the universe, but He also owned, and ultimately had the final say-so in the Garden1

God owned everything, and everyone.

He still does2

That gives some people a real problem.

Satan gets blamed for man’s corruption, but the serpent was simply articulated what was already first on man’s heart.  Satan said to to both Adam and to Eve that if they would be willing to take control over their own lives, they would,  “be like God knowing good from evil.”3

The serpent was right.

Adam chose to be his own god and to control his own destiny.

Even today you and I face this same choice.  Are we going to submit to God and let him lead our words, thoughts, emotions, and actions or do we want to be like god.


Before the world began, God already knew the choice the first humans would make and provided accordingly.  The plan to redeem man was that One would come who, by His own sacrifice, would reconcile the relationship between man and God.

But unlike the pride of Adam, the second Adam would remain humble. Jesus would serve The Lord until death because of His love for The Father and for you and I.

The 5th chapter of Romans spells this out in detail.

The first Adam had no claim to divinity yet choose to strive for just that. The Second Adam was divinity and chose humility.4

We can serve humanity, serve our spouses, serve our employer, and serve God but its takes humility.

“Serve” – that’s a humbling sounding word but it takes backbone and courage.  That’s a tease for next time.




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4Phil 2:6-8

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