iRemember II

iRemember II

My 91 year old father-in-law tells the same stories about his life over and over again. Some of his memories are quite fond while some are not.

Retelling the stories is his way of reliving those memories and keeping them alive.

Can we trust our memory?  

How many times has a song, a photo, a certain place, or even a word triggered a memory?  A few years back my sister took the time to transfer my father’s old 8mm recordings onto DVD.  I have relived those wonderful memories many times since.  And like the tales of an old man on a front porch, the more we speak or even think of them, the more those bad memories come back to life. Like zombies that are neither alive nor dead.

Memories have a way of capturing our mind, will, and emotions. Psychology tells us that everything from harmful habits, anxiety, physical illness, and even diseases are often rooted in memories.

Our natural tendency is to accept our memories as the final authority as to who we have become.  To us it is the truth of our existence.  And even in our best efforts break free there’s something almost unexplainable that pulls us backwards.  We find it easier to simply concede to a life that is less than how we were designed to be.


In the first part of this series I said that,
“The power to overcome your bad memories comes from the knowledge of God and obedience to Christ.”

Let me explain.

Jesus said,  “If you hold to my teaching, you are really my disciples. Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”
John 8:31-32

We could safely reverse-engineer Jesus’s words to mean that there is a truth that leads to a freedom that comes from holding to His teachings.

A Knowledge of God
If you are to be free from your past you need a new knowledge.  A new way to think.  A new mindset. A different way to remember.

You must come to grips with who God is.   And what  better way for God to connect with us than to come in the form of man Jesus.  Jesus showed us how God thinks, feels and responds. Learning what Jesus said or did about situations just like yours is the first step in finding freedom from your bad memories.

AN Obedience to Christ
There is a knowledge of God that can come by the senses and there is also an experiential knowledge.  In essence Jesus is saying that there is truth to be learned that comes only by obeying and abiding with Him.

These last 2 posts are grossly over simplified.  I have spent years overcoming bad memories and to be honest it is still a struggle at times.

Need specifics? CLICK HERE to read my story.  These posts are far more in depth.

We are not designed to live, manage, or even to forget our bad memories.  Real freedom comes when we apply a healthy dose of truth to our bad memories and learn to walk in that truth.

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