Still Until

“Be still and know that I am God.”

Verses like Psalm 46:10 leave me in wonder. Asking me to “be still” is like asking a 2 year old not to explore.  But recently I connected the 2 imperatives and I am finally beginning to understand what it means to be still….and why.

I tend to think of being still “until” something else comes along.  What I am learning now is that I really need to be still – even if there is no “until.”

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Come to me

Here’s a song that helped carry me through a very dark time in my life.  It’s biblically sound and inspirational.  In the best of times, or the deepest seasons of despair, the truth in this song is a great reminder that we are to keep our eyes and hearts fixed on Jesus.

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It’s a Wonderful Life

Christmas is better for me this year than the last couple have been.  Here’s why.

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The “Why Factor” part 2

Our appetite, AKA our desire, that is…our hunger.

Our appetite for a thing is what drives us.  Our appetite is the “what behind our why.” Good or bad, to control our appetite is to control the direction of our lives.

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The “WHY” factor

WHY do I go to work each day?  Why do I sacrifice for these children? Why an education?  Why do I eat right? Why do I run?  Answering the question of “why” gives purpose to everything we do.

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Saving Money

The shoes pictured are worn out – I mean holes in the bottom worn out.  I began to wonder if I should have them resoled or just buy new. Do I even need new shoes?  That decision led Regina and I to develop a filter for all spending/savings.  

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It’s all about the heart

Romans 12:15 says that we are to, “Rejoice with those who rejoice, weep with those who weep.”  Sounds simple enough. But sometimes it just doesn’t seem to be all that easy.  Why not?

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It’s not just food


I just did a post titled, “It’s only food.” Believe me, this is not a contradiction.

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I’m still limping

It was early November 2013 when my life unraveled.  Some say I should be over it all by now.  I am told to forgive myself, shake it off, and that I should move on to my destiny. And although I am functioning far better than I have in recent times, I still limp.  But that may not be a bad thing.

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It’s only food

For those of you who might care here is the latest on my health

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