When Regina lost it all

When Regina lost it all

Today is June 28, 2016 AKA Regina’s 55th birthday.  To honor my wife of 32 years, I’d like you to join us as we celebrate this day as well as being cancer free for 17 years.

In 1998, my wife Regina contracted cancer. To be honest,  I have often wondered why…or even why her?
The short answer: I don’t know

But here’s what I do know. What Regina said to me last week shows me a lot about her understanding of how find everything when you’ve lost it all.

Ps I posted a few of her tats because she likes them…and so do I

In my last post, “when all is lost all is found” I spoke of how I found so much in losing everything.  But nothing I have been through compares to what Regina has had to overcome.

Was it a matter of genetics, poor habits, or bad environment that caused her illness?  Bad luck? Karma?

Some told us that Regina’s cancer was the predetermined will of The Almighty while others told us that her disease was from Satan.  She was even told that she lacked faith.

Regina has often used her story to help others that are going through a similar situation.  They seem to share a certain bond that only cancer patience can relate too.  There’s something about being diagnosed with the “c-word” that brings a person an awareness of their own mortality.

It’s an awareness that Regina well comprehends.
She knows what it means to lose physical attributes that define a woman including her long, flowing hair.  And to stay ahead of the cancer, they took all of her female organs as well.


Last week, Regina served for her 3rd year at the
Lighthouse Family Retreats.

Lighthouse is an organization that provides a retreat for families with children who have cancer.

The phone call was one of those urgent sounding calls where its hard to determine whether her emotional state was one of joy or of great sorrow.

Regina shared how she was able to bring great comfort someone who had been recently diagnosed with cancer and was very uncertain about the next several months of her life.

and although my heart went out to this young woman and her family, it was a statement that Regina made tom e that caused this writing.

Regina told me that that she was,


I was speechless and goose-bumpy.

It reminded me so much of the story in John 9 where Jesus was asked the question, “Why was this man born blind? Was it because of his own sins or his parents’ sins?”  “It was not because of his sins or his parents’ sins,” Jesus answered.“This happened so the power of God could be seen in him.”

In the story of Lazarus both Martha and Mary told Jesus that “If you’d only had been here sooner” (John 11:21, 32)

We too could ask God “why didn’t you come sooner” or “Why didn’t you instantly heal her”

As I’ve gotten older I’ve come to some understandings about Christians and how we view suffering.  But that’s not for this post.

This one’s about her…It’s about Regina.  This post is about about a woman that know’s the loss of a cohesive family since she was 2 years old.

Regina knows what it like to be a foster child, and to wait on empty promises.  I can list more but there’s no need to.

older time hop

Here’s Regina going through chemotherapy 1998.  She is pictured with here sister.  She too is a breast cancer survivor.

I well remember the trips to Athens to receive her treatments – especially her last one.  Her blood count was too low to receive the final treatment so they sent us home.  I was glad to see Regina get a reprieve.

Regina, on the other hand, prayed that The Lord would increase her white count so that she could get past this ugly chapter.  She was treated the next day.  Her white cell count was the highest it had been since the start of her treatments.

I also remember her 30 radiation treatments.  While being dosed with lethal levels of radiation, Regina would lie still on the table as the vault door closed.  I would watch her through the monitors, as would the nursing staff, as she sang old Christian choruses.  She often told me that 2 defining factors for her enduring were a faith in God, and finding ways to laugh.

Regina has seen so much loss in her life but at the same time but has found much.  More than once she has turned tragedy into glory – and it’s all about perspective.  It’s choosing to learn instead of getting bitter.

She chose to grow as opposed to being in denial or finding a way to medicate herself.

Today we mark not only her birthday but also her “rebirth” that comes each August as we celebrate, and thank God for yet another year of being cancer free.

One last pic – this is Regina a few weeks ago.

She works with children



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  1. Leslie Revill

    Happy birthday Regina and what a testimony that young lady has.I pray God will continue to bless you and yours. y’all.

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